EMD Agency

CFS-Zipp provides its services for companies wishing to use the E-Money License as a fully FCA complied EMD Agent that transacts and partners with other businesses in the UK . The services that are rendered by agents can include merchant solutions, e-wallets, e-vouchers and payment processing. Get in touch if you are:

1) A company based or looking to set up in the UK
2) Providing e-money or payment services
3) Have policies in place to combat fraud and money laundering
4) Are not involved in the following services:
      a. Unregulated gaming or gambling
      b. Adult Entertainment
      c. Online Dating
      d. Arms or Weaponry
      e. Pharmaceuticals
5) Please note that any e-money issued by our Agents, such as e-vouchers, are to be issued in the name of CFS-Zipp Limited.